Our Biography

We have brought together our shared interest in gardening and painting. As an extension of our painting, we create exterior spaces that remind us of the gardens we frequent in Italy, Portugal, and Egypt. They are living tapestries that transition through time, and their altering forms of color, texture, light, and atmosphere become the subjects of our paintings.

5982_Michael, mod clo~0015.jpg

Michael Walek

Michael’s study of architecture gives him a sound understanding of perspective when he designs and installs formal landscapes. He feeds his desire for historic preservation by restoring murals in New England churches and homes. Michael’s recent commissions of faux wood graining, marbleizing, and large landscape paintings highlight his talents.

Todd Bezold

Todd’s background in art began at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and he later focused on sculpture at the University of Kentucky. Form and gesture are his focused elements for landscape painting. Todd’s career in science gives him a unique ability to break down his subject to its elemental parts from which he constructs his abstractions.